Saturday, July 18, 2009

About me

Hi, I'm John. People call me John Lim, also Yong Kim. Whatever will do. "John Lim" & "Yong Kim" sound almost the same, aren't they? ahha.

Sometime I feel "I feel I got plenty of time". Ahha. Going round and round. Now, perhaps I'm walking the path that I should walk. I know that God is god, perfect and beautiful, nothing can be better than His plan. Everything happened for a reason, there was no mistake.

How can I assure that, there was no mistake? I'm now taking FTV (Digital Film & Television) course, some people like to call it Mass Communication. Before that, I studied physics, science stream in form 6. Then I went to Sabah to attend mechanical engineering class. That was not very relevant to my situation now.

You ask "Do you know what are you doing now?" I say yes I do. But I cant explain everything to you right now. I cant put my mind into words to people at the moment.

Why do I take up mass communication? I know myself weak in language, no matter in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Hokkien or Malay. I know myself having problem to communicate with people. I'm having hard time to express myself. Waa, then why I choose this course?

I'm not a very bright student. Since I was small, I get average result in exams. Even my piano practical exam also fairly passed every time. 150 marks is full marks, 100 marks is passing mark, I got 101, 104, 103. Ahha. I passed UPSR, PRM, SPM, STPM, and I had chance to pursue engineering course. My future is flying high.

If I endure 3 more years in Sabah, with my fairly passed result, I can become an engineer, getting high high pay. Nope, that's not what I think. It's because, my (our) future is in God's hand. In scripture, Jeremiah 29:11 written: "... For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ..." God has a plan for me(us).


YeS said...

hey, nice post! Update more frequent, so that i know what's happening around you there. =)
still doesn't have internet connection at my house here, so can't online and update my blog now...
oh yes, did kay mint call you? she didn't answer your call that day right? I forced her to call you and she said she'll call you last saturday, don't know she called or not...haha

yongkim said...

ahha. y did u force her to call me? LOL

ya. she called me, and I talked to her. don worry. She is busy. I understand. =)

hueihli said...

wah u got take piano oso one ar...really my sifu...alwiz got something surprise me. but i dun think engineer will get high high pay lor...every job oso will get high job,depend on ur determination..i will alwiz support u de.. my master...

yongkim said...

Thanks Hueih Li. ahha

Bear in mind, that I have a teacher too, in heaven. =D

Woow ! :O

JoyzMusic_Notez said...

I like this...
makes me laugh from the belly..
it's down to earth.

As long as you put yourself in God's hand.
Yes, a simple clay of jar can be of a great instrument for the extension of His Kingdom.

I do believe that Mass Comm is where God wants to go into...
you will know, because God has put a passion for you in that field.
God's blessings will certainly overflow in & through your life, & to your family, friends, classmates & people surrounding you.
You will start to realize that you're experiencing Him in every way of your life..

Listen to Him closely, follow His will, & you will prosper!
Praise God

yongkim said...

10 q. thanks so much 4 d blessing, joycelin.

btw, funny? where did u find it funny? LOL. it didn't it to be tat way. ahha.

niway, u started a new blog too? keep it going.. ! =D

JoyzMusic_Notez said...

your Q&A in the first 6 paragraphs-humorous.

yeap...just kick start
thanks for your encouragement!