Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Movie in My Dream

Wow, what a dream. I just experience a gangster film few minutes ago.

It was like I worked for a group of people. I think I worked for them. I followed them to a new place, I never know that place. I started working there. I was happy.

I found out that they wanted to kill me at night time. I was working. They didn't know that I knew. So, I was trying very hard to escape.

They had a tight monitor on me, so that I would be in their supervision.

In some way, I went to a shopping complex. I tried to SMS one of my ipoh church member.

"I'm going to be killed tonight. This is no joke. Pls check on me. If I don reply in an hour, pls call police" this is what I wanted to send.

I was trying to find a hidden place to text. So, I went to a book shop, and found quite-tall book shelfs. I went between them. I squad down, pretending I'm reading book, but actually typing message. However, while I was one the third or forth word, I was found by them, the group of people. Immediately, I deleted what I had wrote.

They insisted to look at my phone.

They grabbed it. They smiled. I wasn't sure what was going on. I looked back my phone, and realized that they were reading a message I received from a girl. They thought she was my girlfriend, actually she was not.

I couldn't go anywhere else.

In some way, I went to a hotel. People having buffet. I'm not a waiter, but I pretended to take glasses. There was a friend of mine, same like me -caught by the group of people. It was just that he still had not known the inside motif of the group.

I whispered to him, "They are going to kill me tonight." His eyes opened big. I walked off, took the glasses away, not wanting people to know that we talked.

In some way, I went to a cafe in a shopping complex. I saw one of my Ipoh sunday school teacher/Sabah pastor. He was in a conversation with two people.

I called him out. He picked up the phone, and excused himself from the conversation. I told him my situation. He was just sitting a table next to me. It is just because I don't want people to know that I connect to others, I phoned him.

I doubt that he believed in me, but, of course I hoped that he believed.

Again, I was caught again by the group of people. He asked for my phone again. This time, I insist to have my privacy. I think they guessed what I mean, after they caught me "wrong" last time. They still standing there. I smiled and I moved away.

Later, the group leader came to me, showing some pictures -broken legs, faces no eyes, cut hand. I thought this would be me.

They still did not know that I knew they were going to kill me.

Somehow, I went to a room and had a short sex with a woman. (out of topic)

Then, I continued my journey of escape.

At one point, the event at hotel ended. I wasn't sure what event was that. They were packing things to van. They were leaving. It was coming to night. So, I might be killed after leaving.

I avoided to stay contact with anyone from the group. In some way, I hid myself in a room up stair.

Later, I found a back door staircase. I did not know that the door at down stair was open or not. As I was walking towards the staircase, I heard some noise. It was them. They were looking at me.

I ran.

I opened my eyes, I was in a familiar room. It was dawn, seeing a light sun shined through my window. I realized that all these were a dream.


Jonathan Wan said...

Wah bro, if you turn this into a film, confirm its more successful than Jack Neo films.

In case there's a continuation of this dream, I'm going to be in it with an AK-47 and a Rocket Launcher to help you shoot the bad guys.

DiF View said...

This is the effect after watching "North by Northwest (1959)" directed by Alfred Hitchcock I think. Haha.

Jon, if the story goes on, I let you be the commander of 10,000 soldiers. You lead the troop.

That would be cool, friend. =X

lu-xian said...


Anonymous said...

As from the dream studies (e.g. by Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung), dreams may be interpreted as a reflection of one's inner world (subconscious). Though there are nonsense dreams sometimes.

It is unique to one's experience. Dreams is the msg of the subconscious to conscious. The person appear in the dream reflects the affection not necessary the actual particular person. Location, theme & scene setup, situation,etc in the dream reflects daily emotions.

If you dreamt of flying, you are happy and outperformed in something; not way out, means you may be lost or confused in something; chased by something(ghost, dogs, etc), may means you are stress as running out of resources; naked in the public, may be you had an embarassed experience in daily life.